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Reaching New Heights

MYN was established in 1995. It is a synthesis of the expertise and experience
gained over three decades by its founder Mansur Nowman. MYN couples its flair for
design and build quality to gain the most from newly established areas. Over the
past few years MYN has created some breathtaking and yet practical office and
residential space combining the use of cutting-edge technology with traditional and
time honored materials
MYN draws from its skilled in-house craftsmen and prides itself in its continuity of
personnel from inception to completion.
By keeping it small we keep it manageable. By making it personal to us, the quality
of the finished project becomes personal to our ultimate clients.
There is no room for short term quick fixes. We believe passionately that we are only
ever as good as our last job and only when the job at hand  is finished do we move onto
the next.
Our projects always start as a dream – before anything could ever be it was a dream.
Our designs incorporate ingenuity and passion to create the ultimate living space. We
use top quality designer appliances and a material specification that does justice to
the end product.

Wooden Stairs
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We use the same team of Architects, Structural Engineers and Surveyors to ensure absolute continuity throughout our projects; to chop and change through price is a false economy.
Everybody knows what is expected of them and because of the success of our previous developments there is nothing to prove – no ego to satisfy everybody knows his part and knows what is expected of him.
In a world of change we hold the concepts of honest build quality close to our hearts. There are no fast bucks to be made: Ultimately, if our reputation is tarnished only we suffer.
We are now in the enviable position of being asked where we are building next. Our pre-sales are on the increase and many clients place a deposit off the plan.
We offer value or money right from the start because we know our market and build in areas where the underlying trend is on the rise. Many areas of London are beginning to top out and we see those areas staying as they are for the foreseeable future.

Our partners:

VAN OS Architecture    

Southwark Building Control

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