MYN Properties

Our Approach

We use the same team of Architects, Structural Engineers and Surveyors to ensure absolute continuity throughout our projects; to chop and change through price is a false economy.

Everybody knows what is expected of them and because of the success of our previous developments there is nothing to prove – no ego to satisfy everybody knows his part and knows what is expected of him.

In a world of change we hold the concepts of honest build quality close to our hearts. There are no fast bucks to be made: Ultimately, if our reputation is tarnished only we suffer.

We are now in the enviable position of being asked where we are building next. Our pre-sales are on the increase and many clients place a deposit off the plan.

We offer value or money right from the start because we know our market and build in areas where the underlying trend is on the rise. Many areas of London are beginning to top out and we see those areas staying as they are for the foreseeable future.

We concentrate on areas that are on the rise; good money is flowing into the area bringing up values for everybody whilst still offering good value for anybody willing to have the eye for a good investment.

All new builds come with a 10 year LABC New Build Warranty.